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The Professor

Finally, after 5 years from our (BIOJO) established the Prof care center will be the leading special care center for your kind birds, and all bird’s species.

Our professional courteous staff seeks to provide the best services (medicine, diagnostic, physical examination & surgery for your bird, while keeping Birds updated

The Prof is BioJo direct link with its valuable clients; it is a showroom for its exclusive suppliers’ products and services.

The prof. consists mainly of:

1. Pet pharmacy: Treatment products, Vaccines and supplements.

2. Bird Clinic:
Laboratory examination, Physical examination, General examination, urgery, Laboratory diagnostics, Biological tests, Mycology, Canker treatment, Salmonella, Ecoli treatment, Gender Identification

3. Accessories and fashion: mainly for cats and dogs season’s fashion.

Our Category’s:

Bird’s sex diagnostic

The method of sex identification of birds via DNA is based on the different compositions of birds’ sex chromosomes between male and female. The male has two equal sex chromosomes: The Z chromosome. On the other hand, the female has two different ones: The Z and the W Chromosomes.

Bird’s laboratory

We do all types of testing that you might need and require. All tests are up to your measures and requirements.

Bird’s clinic

You can be facing troubles or issues with you birds. In our clinic we will be treating them and giving the best care to nourish them back. on track.

Bird’s medicines

Your bird’s health is especially important to us. That is why we prescribe the best medicine for them, so they are in great health and shape.

bird’s additives

Having problems with feeding your birds. Well, you might just need some additives to enhance the taste of the food.

Pets Medicines

Pets are very dear to us so it would be great if we took care of their health. We can take care of your pet by giving them the required medicine to keep them healthy.

Pet Fashion

Who does not like their pet to stay warm in winter or even look simply great? At our store we have a wide collection of pet clothing that will surely stand them out from the crowd.